A Lap of Roebling Road Raceway

With Jon Krolewicz

Roebling Road Raceway is one of the fastest road courses in the country, and one of the most popular tracks for club racing, track days and testing in the southeast. It is a great track for such events because of its large runoff space, and the technical demands of its fast flowing corners. Different types of cars have different lines here, but for a general idea, here is a lap of this beautiful 2.02 mile road course.

The front straight at Roebling is one of the longest in the country this also makes it one of the fastest. The braking zone for turn one is abut 1000 feet away in this picture and the driving line is on the left side of the straight.

Depending on the car, you may arrive at the braking zone for turn one at anywhere from 110 to 150 mph The brake markers are spaced out 100 feet, and are there for reference. It is best to look through the corner past the station (seen on your right) to get a better idea of speed and distance. Use the markers out of the corner of your eye to pick your braking point. The turn in point for turn 1 is almost to the grass past the "1" board.

Turn one is a very fast right hander, it also leads off what will be the case with every corner at Roebling. A late turn-in followed by a super late apex.  The apex of turn one will be at the end of the rumble strips on the right, and after hitting the apex you will track out across the track for the turn in point at the entrance to turn two. While tracking out you will use that space to brake and downshift for turn two.

Turn two is tighter than turn one, and you can really think of turns one and two as a big decreasing radius corner. Again turn two is a super late apex almost to the next straight and a very late turn in is needed to set up for it. In this picture you can see the rumble strips on the drivers left, and they are there for a reason...that’s where the fast drivers are. Your turn-in point for turn two should be near the end of those rumble strips, and your apex is at the end of a set of rumble strips on the drivers right beyond the corner station.